6 V10 engines that made history

The V10 engine is an endangered species. Huge, imposing and very beautiful. To get additional details, view here: v10 life expectancy

Currently the vehicles that use them are really strange. However, we do a recount of the most memorable ones.

There are still some alive: two are from the Volkswagen Group (R8 and Huracán), one is coming off the production line (Viper) and another is sold limited to Europe (GTA Spano). We know how amazing 10-cylinder powerplants are, so we wanted to give you this interesting account.

SRT Viper

The brand has already announced the death of the Viper and announced that it would go out of production with some special versions. We know that these versions are currently being produced and that is precisely why the Viper V10 still manages to be among those currently in circulation.

The Viper's powerhouse is a massive 8.4-liter with 640 horsepower, complemented by rear-wheel drive and a six-step manual transmission. One of the most analog and challenging sports cars to drive.

Audi r8

Audi bought Lamborghini in 1999 and from then on a shared history began. Italians have certainly become more German. The current generation mounts a 5.2-liter with 540 and 610 HP depending on the version. The engine is coupled to a very fast double clutch automatic transmission and is translated to the pavement thanks to the brand's quattro drive .

Lamborghini hurricane

In the beginning, the Lamborghini V10 engine was to be donated directly by the FCA Group. Today the V10 del Huracán is a shared engine in the Volkswagen Group. The Audi and Lamborghini brands share engines between their supercars to cut costs. It is currently a 5.2 liter with a very profitable 610 HP.

Porsche Carrera GT

For many, the V10 that has the best sound in the world. It just rivals the Lexus LFA in sound. The massive Porsche engine was initially developed to compete at Le Mans and later redesigned for F1. It is a magnificent 5.7 liters that develops 612 horsepower and reaches an incredible 8,400 laps. Only 1,270 copies were made between 2003 and 2007.

Lexus LFA

Work was done on acoustics to bring the sound as close as possible to Formula 1 cars. It was in 2010 when the Lexus brand surprised the world with its LFA, which in the first was presented with an exquisite V10 and in the second it had a very design and technology. advanced. The chosen engine was a 4.8-liter that offered 560 HP of power at the right foot.

Only 500 copies of the base model were created, although a more racial variant came later that paid homage to the Nürburgring.


The idea was to incorporate an extremely large engine into a sports sedan and BMW did it incredibly well. The sound was spectacular and it was a one hundred percent development by the Bavarian brand. The numbers showed a 5.0-liter with 507 HP.

These engines were used in the M5 E60 and the M6 ​​E63, although the M5 was where the best relationship was with the weight and structure of the car. This impeller ended its production in 2010.

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